As Of December 1, 2017

What will you experience from this site?

Purstashia is an affiliate site that is design and intended to present the finest in personal herb storage options from manufacturers we have vetted and approved. We may also bring you our best opinions and current reviews and information on related products we feel may be of interest to you.

The Products We Promote And Sell

Purstashia features products that we sell directly and others that we recommend as an affiliate marketer. Any time you click on a link that takes you to the manufacturer’s sales pages and make a purchase, we will receive a commission without any additional cost to you. Know that we do not and will not promote or sell any products we do not believe in or cannot trust.

What will you learn?

We write about many things, but are most instructive about the products we market and promote. We want you to know the best ways to store, preserve and protect your herb as well as keeping it out of the curious little hands of children, roommates, guests, friends and family. We also discuss a number of straight forward approaches to child safety as it applies to keeping them out of your stash.

All of the products on this site will offer you a discreet and classy way to carry your stash and some also offer you the peace of mind from knowing it’s under lock and key.


Be well,

David Brickley